Castella · Intoxicated Love

"Intoxicated Love" embodies all of those things in a record that draw you in, a grooving bass line, classic guitar licks, synth sounds with occasional gospel chords, a driving drum beat, playful lyrics, a memorable hook and Castella’s unique voice, doing what she does. “Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, you see I can’t complain, cos I’m breathin' and believin' in your love”… A summer jam destined to become a classic, "Intoxicated Love" was written by Castella and Detroit producer Jeff Canady. Castella also relied on her friend and mentor, Grammy award winning, veteran record producer Darryl Swann to get a soulful, yet smooth vocal performance from her while displaying his craft and skill at mixing, mastering and producing records. In this playful, on the dance floor, call and response, uptempo groove, "Intoxicated Love" is Castella’s 11th radio release for her label, Castella Music.

The amazing players behind the music include Detroit based musicians: Jeff Canady on drums (producer), Emmy Award winner, LaShawn Gary on keyboards, Robert Skinner on bass and Anthony Booker on guitar.

“It’s so great to see something you’ve worked on for over a year come to life" - Castella

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