Walter Kittle · Absolute Love featuring Gerald Albright

Walter Kittle is delighted to announce his new single, “Absolute Love” scheduled for release on May 10th. It’s the second time that Walter has teamed up Smooth Jazz artist, guitarist, and producer NILS. “Working with Gerald Albright and Brian Bromberg on this project is a dream come true. These musical giants have been immense influences on me and my music. I’ve always loved Gerald’s iconic sax sound and distinctive style of playing. Brian, on the other hand, is personally responsible for my transition to solo (Piccolo) Bass guitar.”

Kittle, who also wrote the song, extends his mastery to a unique sonic palette in urban jazz. He achieves this through a diverse arsenal of instruments, which includes the piccolo bass, five-string bass, fretlessbass, and his own custom eight-string bass. “At the heart of his new single lies his wife Robin Bleier. ‘She is my partner and my muse,’ he explains, ‘I could never reach this level of musicianship without her undying love and support.’”

In a move that truly “pulled out all the stops,” Walter and Robin, who also executive produced the single, collaborated with some of Los Angeles finest musicians. “Absolute Love” features GERALD ALBRIGHT on sax, BRIAN BROMBERG on upright bass, CORY MASON on drums, MITCH FORMAN on piano, and Oliver C. Brown on percussion, with NILS layering his signature rhythm fills, which are cleverly woven into the fabric of the song, and ROBIN BLEIER’S enchanting flute harmonies adding the finishing touch.

NWO The Band · This Generation featuring Larry Braggs

NWO, the acclaimed collective of iconic horn veterans, returns with a captivating new single that pays homage to the late Sheldon Reynolds. “This Generation,” penned by Reynolds and Ralph Johnson of Earth, Wind and Fire, marks a poignant moment for the band as they honor their esteemed colleague and friend.

Following their chart-topping success with the #1 UK Soul single back in 2022, NWO has been tirelessly perfecting their sound in the studio. With Reynolds’ signature songwriting talents infused into the composition, “Next Generation” promises to captivate audiences with its slick, soulful melodies.

Joining the ensemble is the legendary crooner Larry Braggs, formerly of Tower of Power and The Temptations, whose rich and brilliant vocal skills elevate the track to new heights. Braggs’ addition to the lineup adds depth and resonance to the heartfelt tribute to Reynolds.

The release of “Next Generation” is not just about music; it’s a meaningful endeavor dedicated in part to Parkinson’s research. Sheldon Reynolds tragically passed away from Parkinson’s Disease, making this release a bittersweet yet powerful testament to his enduring legacy.

NWO invites fans and music enthusiasts alike to experience the soul-stirring magic of “This Generation” and join them in their mission to support Parkinson’s research.

Julian Vaughn · Kiss The Groove

Hot on the heels of 2022’s album title “SOLO,” Kansas City bassist Julian Vaughn returns with his new single "Kiss the Groove." It’s the first release from his forthcoming album due out mid-summer. "Kiss the Groove" is a song that features Julian Vaughn himself not only as an artist, but as a producer as well.

During the winter in early 2024, Julian recorded the new single “Kiss the Groove” at his home studio. An idea that started with a bassline quickly formed into an entire song with a sweet intro, catchy hook and smooth bridge. Like it's predecessor, "Kiss the Groove" demonstrates Julian’s seemingly effortless ability to nail the unique vibes of the single. This album is graced with beautiful guitars, strong horn section, keys that layer the song like icing on a cake, and most importantly a strong bassline that has the potential to become iconic.

John Klemmer · Islands In The Sun

On April 26, the first new album by contemporary jazz saxophone innovator John Klemmer, “Chateau Love,” was released by Touch Records USA/BFD/Orchard. Klemmer composed 
and produced a dozen new tracks for the intimate and soothing collection that generously clocks in at more than an hour of music.

Some consider Klemmer enigmatic, and he has been reclusive from the recording scene in recent years, not having issued an album since 1998’s “Making Love, Vol. 1.” Being ensconced in the quiet fortress of his Los Angeles home away from the limelight influences “Chateau Love,” which features Klemmer playing tenor and soprano saxophone along with synth, piano and vocal contributions. The new album marks a welcome return. Klemmer’s sensual grooves,
ambient jazz vibe and subtle melodies were crafted to create a feeling and an experience as well as to share his personal journey.

“‘Chateau Love’ is a place. It may be real, imagined or a concept that you can go to. It can be anywhere, or it can be your own invention. It’s your place for seclusion, intimacy, relaxation or romance. Each song/track is an expression and experience of my own personal yet universal journey to ‘Chateau Love,’” said Klemmer, who is known for pioneering the imaginative sonic effects he used on his saxophones.

Klemmer recorded “Chateau Love” live in the company of a legendary rhythm section comprised of bassist Abe Laboriel Sr., drummer Harvey Mason Sr. and percussionist Lenny Castro. Adding to the warm and enveloping harmonic backdrop are Ronnie Foster’s soulful keyboards and piano, and John Tropea’s chill electric and gentle acoustic guitars. However, it’s Klemmer’s horn play that stands stridently in the spotlight of each track - expressive and emotional without overplaying or being overwrought, connecting and communicative while maintaining a cool and collected demeanor, and intensely impassioned with a compassionate caress.

The first radio single “Islands in the Sun” shines through the grace of Darlene Koldenhoven’s reassuring vocal hook on the tune that Klemmer calls “the zenith journey of the ‘Chateau Love’ concept.”

Freddie Fox · I'm Back

Freddie's new single features a powerful A-list group of sidemen, including a strong sax solo by none other than Andy Snitzer. Long known as a premiere session player for a slew of well known artists in both the contemporary jazz and R&B worlds, this new tune has all the elements that we look for in hit songs.  Excellent playing, strong production, and a memorable chorus and hook.  Check out the stellar horn arrangement by sax man Andrew Neu, who plays in the horn section with the brilliant Nick Lane (Trombone) and Mike Stever (Trumpet).