Ilya Serov · Night In St. Petersburg (ft. Kay-Ta Matsuno)

Award-winning trumpeter /singer /guitarist /band leader Ilya Serov has a passion for jazz that knows no bounds. A talented young musician with an old soul, Ilya brings an infusion of imagination, vision and energy to the many shades of America’s original musical art form. Possessing both chops and charisma, his live performances and recordings have attracted a solid following among jazz fans and seasoned musicians alike.

Ilya’s experiences on the jazz scene have recently led him to expand his creative interests in a significant new direction that blends smooth jazz with elements of soul and R&B. In November 2021 he released his third studio album, Just Friends, which features platinum-selling saxophonist Dave Koz and other award-winning artists: keyboardist Greg Manning, saxophonist Alex Hahn, vocalist Matt Cusson and guitarist Kay-Ta Matsuno. The album is dedicated to one of America’s most iconic jazz trumpet players and singers, Chet Baker, and is titled after Baker’s classic jazz standard of the same name. Baker was the inspiration that pushed Ilya to begin finding his own voice in the jazz world. As his own style matured, Ilya wondered what Baker, with his musical genius, would sound like as a contemporary jazz artist today. With Just Friends, Ilya strives to show the connection between several generations of jazz.

Ilya Serov is driven today not only by his desire to preserve jazz as an American treasure, but by his mission to engage and educate new generations of listeners. He continues to focus exclusively on contributing his time and talent to the world of jazz - its past, present and future.

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