Walter Kittle · Absolute Love featuring Gerald Albright

Walter Kittle is delighted to announce his new single, “Absolute Love” scheduled for release on May 10th. It’s the second time that Walter has teamed up Smooth Jazz artist, guitarist, and producer NILS. “Working with Gerald Albright and Brian Bromberg on this project is a dream come true. These musical giants have been immense influences on me and my music. I’ve always loved Gerald’s iconic sax sound and distinctive style of playing. Brian, on the other hand, is personally responsible for my transition to solo (Piccolo) Bass guitar.”

Kittle, who also wrote the song, extends his mastery to a unique sonic palette in urban jazz. He achieves this through a diverse arsenal of instruments, which includes the piccolo bass, five-string bass, fretlessbass, and his own custom eight-string bass. “At the heart of his new single lies his wife Robin Bleier. ‘She is my partner and my muse,’ he explains, ‘I could never reach this level of musicianship without her undying love and support.’”

In a move that truly “pulled out all the stops,” Walter and Robin, who also executive produced the single, collaborated with some of Los Angeles finest musicians. “Absolute Love” features GERALD ALBRIGHT on sax, BRIAN BROMBERG on upright bass, CORY MASON on drums, MITCH FORMAN on piano, and Oliver C. Brown on percussion, with NILS layering his signature rhythm fills, which are cleverly woven into the fabric of the song, and ROBIN BLEIER’S enchanting flute harmonies adding the finishing touch.