David Margam & Horst Lippitsch · Wake Up

On June 7th, the world of Smooth Jazz and Funk will enthusiastically welcome the release of "Wake Up," the new single by two prominent European guitarists: international artists David Margam (Spain) and Horst Lippitsch (Austria).

"Wake Up" symbolizes a rebirth, an awakening to life after difficult times, offering a message of hope and renewal. This single stands out for its elegant sound that masterfully fuses the genres of Funk, Smooth Jazz, and RnB, reflecting the mastery and distinctive style of both artists.

David Margam, renowned for his virtuosity and his ability to convey emotions through his guitar, has been a central figure in the Smooth Jazz scene in Spain. Horst Lippitsch, on the other hand, is acclaimed in Austria and internationally for his impeccable technique and musical versatility. Together, they create a unique synergy that promises to captivate listeners worldwide.

"Wake Up" is not just a musical composition, but a statement of resilience and positivity. Every note and chord is designed to inspire and motivate those who listen to this masterpiece.