David Margam · Inmune

After several years of success with singles prior to the release of his album, guitarist David Margam announces his debut fulllength album, "Immune", a themed collection destined for success. His ten songs in the digital edition and eleven in the physical album have been co-written and produced by different international artists contributing great cultural and musical diversity to the album; it is a sound journey with tropical sensations and urban sounds that will take you into the depths of Smooth jazz. Margam's juicy melodic hooks stick with you for days. "Immune" brings love and joy from the city of Granada to the world. 

The project for the album began in March 2020 at the start of the coronavirus pandemic and all its  restrictions. What was initially planned as a distraction during the time of the pandemic, became an ambitious project for David Margam. «Immune» is the result of more than two years of creation and musical production with some of the most important international producers and musicians of this genre. Their creativity and musicality have contributed significantly to enhance the final sound of the album. 

Listen David Margam "Road to West Coast ( ft.Nacho Valenciaga & Jorge Pinelo & Maria Romero)" on SmoothJazz Weekend Radio Playlist