NWO The Band · This Generation featuring Larry Braggs

NWO, the acclaimed collective of iconic horn veterans, returns with a captivating new single that pays homage to the late Sheldon Reynolds. “This Generation,” penned by Reynolds and Ralph Johnson of Earth, Wind and Fire, marks a poignant moment for the band as they honor their esteemed colleague and friend.

Following their chart-topping success with the #1 UK Soul single back in 2022, NWO has been tirelessly perfecting their sound in the studio. With Reynolds’ signature songwriting talents infused into the composition, “Next Generation” promises to captivate audiences with its slick, soulful melodies.

Joining the ensemble is the legendary crooner Larry Braggs, formerly of Tower of Power and The Temptations, whose rich and brilliant vocal skills elevate the track to new heights. Braggs’ addition to the lineup adds depth and resonance to the heartfelt tribute to Reynolds.

The release of “Next Generation” is not just about music; it’s a meaningful endeavor dedicated in part to Parkinson’s research. Sheldon Reynolds tragically passed away from Parkinson’s Disease, making this release a bittersweet yet powerful testament to his enduring legacy.

NWO invites fans and music enthusiasts alike to experience the soul-stirring magic of “This Generation” and join them in their mission to support Parkinson’s research.