Julian Vaughn · Kiss The Groove

Hot on the heels of 2022’s album title “SOLO,” Kansas City bassist Julian Vaughn returns with his new single "Kiss the Groove." It’s the first release from his forthcoming album due out mid-summer. "Kiss the Groove" is a song that features Julian Vaughn himself not only as an artist, but as a producer as well.

During the winter in early 2024, Julian recorded the new single “Kiss the Groove” at his home studio. An idea that started with a bassline quickly formed into an entire song with a sweet intro, catchy hook and smooth bridge. Like it's predecessor, "Kiss the Groove" demonstrates Julian’s seemingly effortless ability to nail the unique vibes of the single. This album is graced with beautiful guitars, strong horn section, keys that layer the song like icing on a cake, and most importantly a strong bassline that has the potential to become iconic.