Nacho Valenciaga · Smooth Myself

Nacho Valenciaga is back with a new single that is sure to captivate you! "Smooth Myself" is the title of the single, which will be available worldwide starting on May 5, 2023. This new release is a preview of the album "Smooth Myself," which features 10 tracks and is currently in the recording process. The full album is expected to be released after the summer.

Nacho Valenciaga is known for his previous works in the danceable smooth jazz genre, such as "Rain on our sins," "Feel the rythmn," "Making right and go ahead," and "Far Away." However, this new single marks a return of the artist to more purely smooth jazz territory, temporarily abandoning the danceable terrain of his previous works.

After a few months of personal restlessness, indecision regarding his musical career, and various personal setbacks, this new single and the subsequent album represent a recovery of Nacho Valenciaga's enthusiasm for composing and recording new songs in the purest smooth jazz style.

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