Heidi Tann · Baby Come Back (Nesci Club Remix)

Heidi Tann collaborates with Bruno Nesci for the club remix of “Baby Come Back,” her remake of the ‘70s hit from British-American Rock Band, Player. Nesci also worked with Heidi Tann on “Good Vibez (Club Remix)” released in 2022.

Heidi Tann’s latest remix showcases her pop-jazz musical stylings once again. Refreshing the song with a smooth and soulful club remix, this latest single is sure to make an impression on fans of the single released earlier this year.

“I wanted to release a remix of ‘Baby Come Back’ to pay even more homage to a song I loved dearly growing up,” the artist shares. “The remix follows my remake of ‘Baby Come Back’ released a few months ago, which a lot of my listeners grew to love. This is a gift to them.”

“Baby Come Back” also features the guitar artistry of Billboard smooth Jazz artist Nils, the artist behind the 2005 hit “Pacific Coast Highway.” He continues to show his prowess on the instrument in this latest collaboration with Heidi Tann.

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