Jessy J · Right On Time

Grammy-nominated saxophonist and recording artist, Jessy J, continues to captivate audiences with her remarkable talent and infectious melodies. Following a sensational year in 2022, which saw her recieving prestigious awards and accolades, Jessy is back with her latest release, "Right On Time," a fusion of funky grooves from the 70s and an eclectic contemporary synth pop sound.

In 2022, Jessy J's album Blue soared to the top, claiming the coveted title of #1 Contemporary Jazz Album of the Year by JazzTrax. Additionally, the album garnered recognition as one of the Top 10 Albums on Jazziz Magazine and achieved chart success on iTunes Jazz.

With "Right On Time," Jessy effortlessly combines a classic jazz melody, reminiscent of the golden era of 1920s New York City, with the infectious bears and vibrant percussion of a 1970s dance club. The keyboard synth sounds add a fresh and slick element to the composition, culminating in a perfect summer anthem that sets the stage for family, friends, and unforgettable get-togethers. Speaking from her SoCal home, Jessy J describes the track as a harmonious blend of timeless influences and modern production that will resonate with music lovers worldwide.

As a Mexican-American jazzista, Jessy J has emerged as a shining star in the industry, earning critial acclaim and praise for her exceptional musicality and captivating performances. With an impressive discography of 9 solo albums and numerous chart-topping hits, Jessy J made her mark with the release of her 2008 song of the year, "Tequila Moon." Since then, her fan base has grown exponentially, and she has taken on the role of an influential figure in the contemporary jazz world. Establishing her own recording label, Changi Records, LLC, she actively advocates for aspiring female musicians, writers, and engineers, inspiring them ot pursue their dreams with unwavering determination.

"Right On Time" is set to be another milestone in Jessy J's remarkable career, demonstrating her unparalleled musical versatility and undeniable talent. This summer. prepare to groove to the captivating sounds of Jessy J's latest hit as she continues to break boundaries and inspire generations of music enthusiasts worldwide.