D.S. Wilson · Pocket Change

Saxman D.S. Wilson teamed up with Artist/Producer Steve Oliver as well as Gold and Platinum Producer Jeff Carruthers, along with an all-star cast to produce Wilson’s fourth solo Smooth Jazz album entitled “Metamorphosis”. The album features a contemporary sound with catchy melodies, along with solid grooves and influences from Wilson’s background in Rock, Pop, and Blues. Buoyed by the Top 20 success of his previous album “Skyline” (produced by Adam Hawley), Metamorphosis represents Wilson’s growth journey from being a part-time musician in the corporate world to leaving the corporate world for full-time music career. The single “Pocket Change” was released on Jan. 5th, 2024 and is the first advance single from the new album.

D.S. Wilson: Saxophone, Piano, Keys
Jeff Carruthers: Guitars, Keys, Programming
Steve Oliver: Guitars, Programming
Eric Valentine: Drums
Chris Miskel: Drums
Maurice Fitzgerald: Bass
Cornelius Mims: Bass