Byron Miller · Stride (Granby Hills)

In 1966, Jazz legend Julian “Cannonball” Adderley famously stated, “Sometimes we are not prepared for adversity – Mercy, Mercy, Mercy.” In 2002, Gospel great Donnie McClurkin added, “We Fall Down (But We Get Up).” Within that world class trajectory, modern electric bass master Byron Miller delivers the single “Stride (Granby Hills),” literally taking the trials of life into his phenomenal fingers, administering all the healing his music can bring then giving the rest to God so He can work The Master Plan.

“Stride (Granby Hills),” co-composed and co-produced by Miller and his current ace collaborator Chris “Big Dog” Davis, is the third single leading to the fourth chapter of Byron’s acclaimed PsychoBass series, PsychoBass 4: Motor City Love, slated for a summer of 2024 release.

“Stride (Granby Hills)” is a feel-good song with a breezy swing that is perfect for radio, created to bring a lift to people’s spirits when they hear it. Davis sent an early version if the song to Miller, expressing that he wrote it to inspire himself as he was battling cancer…an illness he triumphantly beat. Miller added his signature electric bass sound to the piece creating yet another winning instrumental from the duo for the world of Contemporary Jazz. Simplicity and space – via the elements of ambient flute and keyboard textures - are the keys to the song’s healing power of refreshed reviviscence in a state of divine gratitude. Miller’s bass adds the sanctified Hallelujah vibration. The parenthetical title, Granby Hills, alludes to the place in Connecticut where Davis lives and rehabilitated his health.

Miller already whetted the appetites of the masses with two earlier teaser singles: the lowdown low-end theory jam, “Say it Ain’t Good to Ya,” and the sun-kissed “To The Floor” - both collaborations with multi-instrumentalist Chris “Big Dog” Davis. The next courses will include a surprise cover of a female Soul-Pop icon’s super sexy song from the `90s as well as the title track, “Motor City Love,” showing unwavering support for Detroit as only PsychoBass can bring it.