Dee Lucas · Tighten Up

National recording artist/saxophonist Dee Lucas is the illustrious pied-piper of contemporary jazz music, celebrated and adored by audiences worldwide.

Noted as the year of emergence for the creative, in 2004, Lucas embarked on the journey of what would become footprints of a music legacy--forming an independent record label known as Mo' Better Recordings along with an all new music project. Having the reigns of creative control at his advantage, Lucas launched and distributed the debut CD project, "Remembrance," independently on the new label in 2005, "Something To Ride 2," in 2007, and produced 4 more projects (from 2010-2016) in collaboration with the Mo' Better Recordings label...each record marked with serious charting status and industry recognition. Lucas accredited the success of each project to production heavyweights such as LA-based Lew Laing, Jr., Grammy-Award winner Phil Davis. Joel Del Rosario, TC Campbell and David P. Stevens.

In 2017, Lucas merged his previous catalogs with his new parent company, Dee Lucas Enterprises, home of his brand new record label ODL Music. “Going Left,” released in 2018, garnered respectable success on several smooth jazz charts. In 2020,“The Time Is Now” marked the artist's 9th worldwide release which featured Adam Hawley, Blake Aaron, Darryl Williams, David P. Stevens, Lew Laing, Jr., Gino Rosaria, & George Freeman. In 2023, “No Boundaries" spotlighted keyboardist Gino Rosari, Blair Bryant, Selina Albright, and Ragan Whiteside. Singles from the CD garnered critical acclaim, #1 smooth jazz chart positions and an indie soul award nomination. At the height of Lucas' career comes the highly anticipated 1st single from the upcoming project "TWENTY, entitled "Tighten Up," releasing nationwide on 3.8.2024!