Bill McGee · Flight Time

In commemoration of the 50th year since its original release, trumpeter and flugel hornist Bill McGee lift's off with his new Flight Time single!

Bill McGee is no stranger to radio, his “Cantaloupe and Watermelon” a tribute to Herbie Hancock was a Top 20 Billboard Hit and reached the Top ten on several of the most important contemporary jazz charts. However, he is most recognized for being the lead trumpet on the iconic hip hop hits “Apache” by The Sugarhill Gang and “Freedom” by Grandmaster Flash and the furious five.

Bill was an original member of the group from Morris Brown College that became Brick, he was founder of TRUSSEL (Elektra/Asylum) who had the late disco era hit “Love Injection”. He was music director for Evelyn “Champagne” King, and tour director for Klyamxx.

David Garfield · Claudia feat. Michael Lington

David Garfield has been driven by the same mission statement since moving from his hometown of St. Louis to Los Angeles as a teenager in the early 70s: “I make music.”

Fully living up to this vision and in more expansive ways over the past few decades, the multi-talented keyboardist, composer, arranger and recording artist has established himself an eclectic force of musical nature. At any given point during his career—and often at the same time—he has been musical director for George Benson, producer, arranger and co-songwriter with Smokey Robinson, keyboardist for Natalie Cole, David Sanborn, Boz Scaggs, and many others, as well as fronting his own bands and releasing many popular smooth jazz recordings on his label Creatchy Records. His version of “Let’s Stay Together” featuring Michael McDonald was a top 10 hit worldwide.

“Claudia” is a gorgeous and passionate new original power ballad that features his longtime collaborator, Michael Lington on sax.

Listen David Garfield "Claudia"  feat. Michael Lington on SmoothJazz Weekend Radio Playlist

Ryan Montano · Love Crash

Albuquerque-native and international trumpeter and recording artist Ryan Montano releases his new single “Love Crash" feat. Phil Denny on August 28th! The new song will be backed by a national radio and marketing campaign impacting terrestrial, internet and satellite radio stations as well as all digital music outlets.

“Love Crash” is a record that is all about collaborations. An extremely talented group of music creators came together in a spirit of uninhibited creativity to create a piece of music that is both modern and adventurous while evoking a “retro-soul jazz” vibe and sound.“Love Crash” features one of the biggest rising stars in Contemporary Jazz, saxophonist Phil Denny. Montano & Denny first collaborated in 2021 with the #7 Billboard song of the year: “Tough Get Goin’”. Denny's sensitive, yet commanding approach to the “Love Crash” sound is an artistic approach exclusive to Phil.

Marcus Anderson · Care For You (feat. Nicholas Cole)

As a multi-talented musician and passionate coffee enthusiast, Marcus Anderson introduces us to a delightful blend of smooth jazz and contemporary music in his latest radio single, "Care For You," from the new album Reverse. This special track is inspired by and written for his dedicated supporters within the jazz genre, serving a heartfelt thank you and a reaffirmation of his roots. Marcus's sophisticated musical style, paired with exceptional nuances, offers listeners a unique touch in today's music landscape. His emotive performance harmonizes beautifully with his passion for coffee, mirroring the warm, velvety richness of a well-brewed espresso in the song's melody.

Nick Stefanacci · Mirrors

"Mirrors" is the first song that I've written for my twin sisters and the inspiration came from recently spending time with them. I was caught daydreaming while admiring how beautiful they are and even though they are identical and have more similarities than differences they each have intricate details that are unique unto themselves.

That moment sparked the idea behind "Mirrors", a simple opening melody with slight variations as one would find while quickly glancing at a mirror and then a completely different chorus and mood, as one would look deeper into a mirror or one's soul. - Saxman Nick Stefanacci -.