Mo Louis · Static

"Music has played a monumental role in my life. I can remember my earliest years when the sounds of David Sanborn and Grover Washington Jr. filled the air of my childhood home. My parents were, and continue to be very avid fans of smooth jazz. It was from them, where my love for R&B & smooth jazz firmly took shape in my heart. It was a voice that I could relate to and that’s how I developed my unique, soulful sound. At the age of 10 I began playing the saxophone. Initially, I was enamored by its beauty but that was only the beginning of the lifelong love affair that I have for this instrument. At the age of 14, after my first year of high school marching band, I knew that playing the sax was more than a hobby and it would be my lifelong aspiration.

After high school, I attended the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA, where I majored in performance and music business.Over the last 15 years I’ve played, recorded and toured throughout the western states with bands including The Chris Thayer Band & the TCB and The Brandon Ummel Band “Bub”. I’ve been able to establish a reputation as an artist and soloist amongst the finest Los Angeles Blues musicians. I’ve reached a place in my life where it’s time to share with the world the music that’s been in my heart for so long!

A little over a year ago I met Euge Groove while buying one of his saxophones and we became good friends. I’ll never forget standing in his studio and him putting on one of his own tracks for me to play along with. I expressed my interest to release my own music and after some consideration, he decided to help me make my dreams a reality. I owe a lot to him… this wouldn’t be happening without him! Soon after I began working with the amazing smooth jazz producer, Jeff Carruthers and here we are today!" - Mo Louis

Saxophones: Mo Louis
Bass: Cornelius "Corny" Mims
Keys/Programming: Jeff Carruthers
Guitar: Jordan Love
Drums: Eric Valentine
Percussion: Lenny Castro

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